AMS9000 --
Internal Audits

CAS9000 --
Corrective Action

DOC9000 --
Document Control

QCS9000 -- 
Quality Control

TMS9000 -- 
Training Records

MMS9000 -- Maintenance

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  DOC9000, Document Control System


Click Here to bring up the DOC9000 Help file, which includes an in-depth Step by Step Tutorial.  (Opens a new window)


On-Line DOC Web Demo




Finally -- a cost-effective, efficient solution to a complex issue. This program is designed to help companies comply with ISO9001 Section 4.5, Document and Data Control.    View the graphical DOC9000 Navigator by Clicking Here  (Opens a new window)

  • Tracks current revisions of all documents and prints Master lists.

  • Tracks/prints approval lists, allows on-line approval of new documents or revisions with password protection.

  • Maintains/prints distribution lists.

  • Tracks/prints revision histories.

  •  Tracks ‘Pending Changes’ -- Changes required for a document’s next revision.

  • Tracks cross-references of related docs.

  • Allows on-line access to actual documents for read-only viewing (Word, Excel, Lotus, WordPerfect -- any windows application).

  • Documents are sortable by departments and by document type (SOP, work instruction, etc.).

Download the Fully Functional DOC9000 Desktop Demo.  This link takes you to our download submittal form.