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  QCS9000, Quality Control System (Inspection and Control of NC Material)


Click Here to bring up the QCS9000 Help file, which includes an in-depth Step by Step Tutorial.  (Opens a new window)


On-Line QCS Web Demo



This software is designed to help maintain control over processes that are being inspected for any type of defects.  Designed to help comply with ISO9001 Clause 4.9, Process Control, this software also touches on the requirements of 4.10, 4.12, 4.14 and 4.20.    View the graphical QCS9000 Navigator by Clicking Here  (Opens a new window)

  • On-Line Entry of inspection information.

  • Incoming Inspection and Nonconforming Material Control (MRB).

  • Graphing of attribute style SQC Charts.

  •  Trend Analysis allows improvements to process based on real data.

  • Paretos of problem defect codes, locations and component part numbers.

  •  On-Line inpsection instructions

  • Tabular reporting on yields and defects by process, product and component part number.

Download the Fully Functional QCS9000 Desktop Demo.  This link takes you to our download   submittal form.