AMS9000 --
Internal Audits

CAS9000 --
Corrective Action

DOC9000 --
Document Control

QCS9000 -- 
Quality Control

TMS9000 -- 
Training Records

MMS9000 -- Maintenance

CAL9000 --


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AMS9000, Audit Management System

This software is designed to handle all aspects of an Internal Audit program, from planning audits to the follow-up of corrective actions against deficiencies found. Helps compliance to ISO 9001:2000 Clause 8.2.2, Internal Audit (or see section 4.17 in the ISO9001:1994 standard).

CAS9000, Corrective
Action System


A   full featured Corrective Action system that   includes everybody in the implementation of continuous improvement efforts.  Helps compliance with ISO 9001:2000 section 8.5, Improvement (or 4.14 Corrective and Preventive Action in ISO9 9001:1994)

DOC9000, Document Control System


 Finally -- a cost-effective, efficient solution to a complex issue. This program is designed to help companies comply with ISO 9000:2000 section 4.2 Documentation Requirements (or Section 4.5, Document and Data Control
QCS9000, Quality Control System (Inspection and Control of NC Material)  This software is designed to help maintain control over processes that are being inspected for any type of defects.   Designed to help comply with ISO9001 Clause 4.9 , Process Control , this software also touches on the requirements of 4.10, 4.12, 4.14 and 4.20.   
TMS9000, Training Management System


This software allows compliance with  ISO9000:2000 paragraph 6.2.2 Competence, awareness and training (or ISO9000:1994 paragraph 4.18 Training)
MMS9000, Machine Maintenance and Utilization System  This program helps control and measure machine uptime and utilization, spare part usage and preventive maintenance (PM) needs. Designed to help comply with ISO9001 clause 4.9, Process Control.

CAL9000, Calibration Control System

 This program helps the user implement   an ISO9000 compliant calibration system.   With Asset recall and traceability, it gives confidence to users that their calibration program is effective.