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TMS9000, Training Management System

Click Here to bring up the TMS9000 Help file, which includes an in-depth Step by Step Tutorial.  (Opens a new window)

On-Line TMS Web Demo




This software allows compliance with ISO9000:1994 paragraph 4.18 Training and ISO9000:2000 paragraph 6.2.2 Competence, awareness and training.  View the graphical TMS9000 Navigator by Clicking Here  (Opens a new window)

Features Include: 

  • Setup Employees, Job Codes/Certifications and Classes/Requirements.

  •  Wizard to analyze training "gaps" for existing employees in their current jobs.

  • Wizard to analyze what training/education is required for an employee to take another position. 

  • Wizard for notification when recurring training (like annual training) is required for employees.

  • Wizard to create pending training records for employees or departments or for selected job codes/classifications.

  • Full review and add/edit capabilities for all training records.

  • Key reports to keep track all phases of your training management system

  • Security access levels that ensure that only the users you want to get to the data can make changes.

Download the Fully Functional TMS9000 Desktop Demo.  This link takes you to our download   submittal form.